“Humble through life… strength within.”

30 Years Teaching Martial Arts
17 Years Personal Training Experience
15 Years Muay Thai Certified Kru
7th Dan  Kickboxing
5th Dan Hapkido Black Belt
5th Dan Kuk Moo WTM
2nd Dan Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
2nd Dan Judo Black Belt
Bachelors of Business Science
Competed in 150 Tournament’s

3rd Dan  Hapkido
3rd Dan Kuk Moo WTM
3rd Dan Kickboxing
1st Dan Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
10 years Muay Thai
20 Years Martial Arts Experience
Trained in Korean Army

12 Years Professional Fighter-Thailand
3 Years Army fitness and martial arts instructor-Thailand
1 Year Laos Secret Service: Prime Minister’s Bodyguard-Laos
1 Year Thai Police Academy fitness and martial arts instructor
23 Years International fitness and Martial arts instructor
Over 96 Pro fights

2008 TBA World Classic Super middle weight Muay Thai Champion
2008 CMTC-ACMTC-A Team Canada Trials Champion Western Canadian
2009 Super light heavy weight Muay Thai Champion
2009 IKF Intercontinental Light middle weight Muay Thai Champion
2009 IFMA World Championships – Bronze Medal 71 kg
2010 WCA Western Canadian Light heavy weight MuayT hai Champion
2010 WKA North American Light middle weight Muay Thai Champion
2011 IFMA European Cup – Bronze Medal 71 kg
2011 WKL World Light middle weight Muay Thai Champion
2011 IKF World Classic – Silver Medal 71 kg.
2012 PAMU Light middle weight Muay Thai Champion

Peter Arbeau is a former Muay Thai fighter who has been training in the sport for over 10 years. Growing up in a rougher neighborhood where bullying wasn’t uncommon, he was introduced to Muay Thai as a means of self defense but quickly grew to love the sport for more than that. He started training at the age of 15, competed in a few interclub competitions, and eventually made his ring debut a year later in 2003. Peter has an amateur Muay Thai record of 35-11-1

His first international tournament took place in 2008 in Busan, Korea. A first round loss inspired him to turn his full time attention to training and committing a big part of his evenings, weekends and free time to the gym. His hard work and commitment paid off earning him wins in several other competitions and tournaments.

With that new, strict training regimen, he went on to win local titles, Canadian titles and eventually the biggest accomplishment in his amateur career, the IKF intercontinental champion. He then went on to face his one and only professional Muay Thai fight in 2012 in the prestigious Toyota Cup 8 man tournament.

In 2014, recognizing the rapid growth of MMA, Peter started making the transition from Muay Thai to MMA. After a year and a half of grueling training, he made his first successful debut at a professional level.

With a record of 2-0, he has decided to retire from competition to combine his love of Muay Thai and genuine desire to help people attain their goals. Peter recognizes that everyone has a different motivation and goal and he promises challenging classes full of variety, skill and fun.

yves image

Yves Philidor Jr. has over 29 years of experience in Muay Thai coaching and training.  A former competitive amateur and professional fighter, Yves fought all over the world. Winning Canadian, intercontinental, as well as World titles.  Yves represented Canada in the first ever world amateur Muay Thai tournament in Thailand. Having trained and fought in Thailand, Yves brings an extensive technical knowledge of Muay Thai. Mr. Philidor believes that lessons learned training can be applied in all other areas of life.



Brad started training Muay Thai in his late 20’s. Having been one for physical exertion all his life, it seemed as though this new sport would be no different, but Muay Thai proved to be very different, and from there on he was hooked.

Training morning and evening, he put in 4 hours a day for the first three weeks until his first tournament. There he felt his first win and with it a new desire.

From there he continued training, pushing himself physically and mentally to new boundaries until finally he crossed the ropes and stepped into the ring.

Needing more, Brad then traveled to Thailand, the birth place of Muay Thai. There he got the physical challenge and pain he was expecting, but a side effect of being there was the discovery of a new adventure – running.

Now an accomplished marathoner and fighter, he wishes to pass on his experience to the next generation who’s looking for that same excitement.

Sterling has been fighting since he was 16 years old and has had 10 fights.  Sterling has trained in Canada and Thailand. In 2013 Sterling traveled to Thailand where he took part in two fights winning both of them.

Zack is a trainer, who has been fighting Muay Thai Kickboxing since the age of 16, and has now competed in more than 10 competitions. Zack loves to make training fun and enjoyable for all levels of fitness and kick boxing ability. In 2013 Zack traveled to Thailand for this first time and trained and competed with some of the best. He has now been training people for two years and continues to learn and grow as a personal trainer and kickboxing instructor. In May 2014 Zack was invited to compete in the IFMA World Muay Thai Championships in Lankawi, Malaysia as one of the representatives with TEAM CANADA.

In June 2015 Zack received his 1st Black Belt in Kickboxing.

Denise web pic

Denise has over 20 years of martial arts experience and six years of experience teaching Group Fitness classes. She started out learning Kuk Sool Won in Ontario and continued with it in Calgary after she moved here in 1997. In 1999, she received a flyer in her mailbox from WTM… a Hapkido club that was only two blocks away from her home. That’s where she met Albert Han (WTM Fitness’s fearless leader) and has trained with him ever since. In 2005, she received her Black Belt in Hapkido. At that time, WTM was making the transition from Hapkido to Muay Thai and Denise welcomed a new adventure. After 10 years of training in Muay Thai and four training trips to Thailand, Denise earned her blackbelt in Kickboxing in 2015, the same year she won her first Smoker fight. In May 2016 at 46 years old, she stepped into the ring for her first sanctioned amateur bout and won by unanimous decision.

“I know it’s cliche, but age is just a number when you continue to set new goals.”