WTM’s Mission Statement

WTM’s mission is to challenge human endurance in a positive way through mental and physical training that will have a lasting impact on one’s health, lifestyle, spirit and friendships. It is to inspire a true sense of belonging and well-being.

The core values of WTM are love, peace, and respect through Muay Thai training.

More about WTM Fitness and Muay Thai

What we offer

Join our experienced trainers for a high-energy Muay Thai workout. The class is a blend of cardio, muscle strengthening, and realistic Muay Thai striking combinations.  All levels welcome!

At WTM Fitness our personal trainers know how to motivate our clients by setting realistic, achievable goals and helping them to achieve those goals.  We work by building on your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses.  We provide honest feedback so that you always know how you are progressing.  We also help to keep you accountable for your our physical health and wellness.

All the benefits of Muay Thai training just for you girls!   All levels welcome.

Allow your teens to learn some self-defence, Muay Thai, and MMA techniques.  Each class offers a combination of core-strengthening  exercises, Muay Thai and MMA instructions.  All levels welcome!

Build your child’s confidence, self-esteem, focus and self-discipline.  Each class offers combination of calisthenics and Muay Thai instruction.

Improve balance, footwork, body placement awareness, generate more power, and improve speed and endurance.  Through your performance your trainer will know if you are being constant with your program and will hold you accountable.

Muay Thai/kickboxing training involves various drills and exercises that require you to team with different partners to achieve great results. What a great way to get to know your team on a different level.
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Why choose us

At WTM Fitness Muay Thai Kickboxing we train all levels of fitness from the beginner to elite athlete.

Through your training at WTM you will learn the correct techniques to deliver blows properly and efficiently but also, and maybe more importantly, to defend and counter the attack.

Muay Thai is an exceptional cardio intensive activity that inevitably promotes flexibility, builds endurance and burns calories.

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